So the Enfettered 4 Corners Range, maybe that should read a range within a range or something fancy, who knows.

Not everyone has a whole building or an industrial unit to conduct business from, large spaces usually equal large expenses and maybe if the Lady or Gent so aspires one day they may get that. However often and in the most case Professionals are operating from a spare room at home, an adapted outbuilding in the garden or a double garage. Absolutely nothing wrong with that and let’s be honest we all have to start somewhere, so in a small space then that word space is of the utmost importance, welcome the Enfettered 4 Corners Range.

Stick a bed and a bench in your average bedroom and by the time you add a little grid wall to hang your weapons of trade from a mirror or two and if your lucky a chair then you are pretty much full, good enough to do the job, of course, could be better, Ohhh yess!

So we have developed or rather we are developing the Enfettered 4 Corners Range, the first piece you can see above the staple of near every dungeon an upright cage, this one is just designed to go into a corner, does the same job, does just as good a job, but if space is of a premium then it does THEE job, so with a little imagination, 4 pieces of kit one in each corner, a bed and a bench, some grid wall and a couple of well placed mirrors and all of a sudden you have changed a bedroom play space into a well kitted dungeon, mission accomplished!

More pieces coming soon, one is currently in production, the other two both drawn so won’t be long, are we going to tell you what they are, Nah! but we believe they are well thought out and practical, keep checking back….

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