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Enfettered ElectraStim SensaVox EM140

Enfettered ElectraStim SensaVox EM140


ElectraStim SensaVox is our most advanced and powerful stimulator, jam-packed with tantalising features and packed into a sleek, high-end design. If you want a performance e-stim power box that offers more ways to play then you’ll love this dual-channel electro sex machine.

Create your own stimulation patterns using music or using voice commands to control the rhythm, intensity and duration of stimulation for a sexual experience that’s truly customisable. The louder the sounds, the stronger stimulation feels. You can also control the stimulation the classic way, with the tactile knob controls that are responsive even in the heat of the moment.

Independently controlled dual channels allow you to select different intensities to complement any electrode. Use up to 4 uni-polar or 2 bi-polar electro sex toys at once and lose yourself to the thrilling sensations only electro play can provide.

99 intensity levels make SensaVox our most powerful and responsive stimulator, giving you maximum control over the sensations you feel. As well as the audio-controlled options there are 9 pre-programmed patterns, that can be modified to suit your desires.



What’s Included In The SensaVox Kit?

SensaVox EM140 stimulator

– Hard carry case
– 2x connecting wires with 2mm pin connection
– Microphone
– Line-in cable
– Female-to-female adapter
– Worldwide plug adapter
– 9V battery
– CDROM with estim audio tracks and multi-lingual instructions
– English instruction booklet
– Free UK & European delivery
– 1 year warranty, extendable to 3 years when you register your purchase


Always remember to play below the waist and never over the chest, near the head or on your face. If you have any health conditions such as heart problems or epilepsy, we do not recommend that you use electro stimulation products.

Product Features:

– High-intensity dual channel output with isolated controls
– 99 intensity settings with twist dial control
– Boost button to increase stimulation intensity by 25% in a short burst
– Mains or battery powered with power saving mode
– 9 pre-programmed stimulation settings
– Modulate the pre-programmed settings for customised play
– Voice control using the included microphone
– Musical control when you connect your music player using the included wire
– LED display
– High quality manufacturing and finish

High-intensity dual channel output with isolated controls

Your item is both personalize and bespoke – most require a waiting time of 3-5 days

In general:

For hygienic reasons, we can not accept returns for insertable items, like plugs. Nor can we accept returns for chastity devices or milking tubes.

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Even though all of our items are made to meet very high quality and safety standards, the use of any purchased items is at your own risk. Enfettered.com can not be held responsible for the improper or careless use of these items, or use of these items against a person’s will. We do not accept any liability for damages, injuries or death resulting from the use of any of our items. Please play safe, sane, and consensual! Click here for our Terms and Conditions.


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