A warm Welcome to Black Swan

So throughout the site you will see us refer to **The Best of theBest** hopefully not enough times to get on your nerves, you may then see things that are on many other sites and wonder why ours are the best of the best.

In truth they are not, we have to stock the B.D.S.M basics, things needed at home for private play and in your professional dungeons, so do all the other sites, there are limited places to buy at wholesale if you can find them at all so some of our base products are the same as those on other sites, however and it is a huge however when it comes to non basics we have spent much time in research finding you what we really believe to be a cut above the rest. **The Best of the Best**

The Enfettered to Black Swan marriage is one such example, whilst a leather cuff is a leather cuff you may argue there are we believe leather cuffs then Enfetterd/Black swan cuffs. The leather is of the highest quality the stitching used is the highest grade thread and the buckles and fittings are bespoke and very much second to non, a really high attention to quality and detail, presented beautifully all as you would expect from a quality product. 

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