Our Sincere Thanks to You All!

Well as 2019 draws to a close the final blog of the year and for us what a year it has been, we launched Enfettered some three and a half months back now thinking we were ready and if truth be told we were nowhere near, probably we are still not, so much more to load on the site, all of our own ranges, furniture, cuffs, harnesses slings and on and on it goes…we also have some pending deals with some fantastic companies that we will be adding as and when the *i’s* are all dotted and the **t’s** all crossed….

As if that was not enough for a full month we had little or no site due to server problems, so taking that all into account the business is doing really well, we have some great sales, some furniture sales pending and all in all for it’s short life better than we had hoped for and long term we can see there is a place in the market for what we offer and so growth. We have even had repeat orders already, fantastic!

Whilst we have your attention, many thanks to all that have written to us, some constructive criticism which we have adjusted from and many many compliments on the site, it’s layout etc, thank you all….

And so 2020 looms we wish you all that are reading a great year ahead, may it be to you what you wish it to be, see you all on the other side…

Happy New Year to You All!

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