A new bespoke bondage sling ….

who have already had the privilege of visiting my new West London BDSM Laboratory will be well aware that I now boast the most up-to-the-minute range of hi-tech restraint equipment and stylish bondage furniture to be found with any Mistress, anywhere.  

But I am nothing if not a perfectionist and this latest news bulletin brings reports of yet another controlling piece of bondage equipment now available for your torment and control.

For my latest acquisition I went to the source of all things fetish, and contracted the wonderful bondage company, Enfettered, to produce a new bondage sling to my personal and most-demanding requirements. 

Rubber clad slave strapped into a bespoke bondage sling
A new bespoke bondage sling made to my personal and most-demanding requirements

This is not just a bondage sling: it is a ‘Miss Miranda bondage sling’ which means that it will hold you safely and securely and in great style in precisely the position your Mistress requires.  

It not only does you good (you KNOW you need this treatment!) but it also looks good. 

Enfettered surpassed even their own high standards to finish this bondage sling in pure white leather so that it blends in perfectly with all the other chairs, beds and bondage paraphernalia which already graces my Laboratory premises.

Naturally, as soon as the sling arrived, I had to find a suitable slave upon whom to give it a test drive.

The lucky ‘volunteer’ was a long-sanding chastity client of mine who had the privilege of many hours of frustration, bondage and suffering for me in the firm grip of this latest addition to my equipment collection. 

Mistress Miranda smiling with the bondage sling in teh background
you KNOW you need this treatment!

Both he and the sling were put through all of their paces as I adjusted his position in every conceivable way to see how accessible his most tender parts were to his Mistress’s cruel attentions.

Unlike many lesser bondage slings, this one has side straps for greater stability. Once I had it attached to multiple metal rings secured in the Laboratory ceiling, I put the matching white leather ankle and wrist restraints onto my client’s limbs and ensured all was safe. This slave was going nowhere! 

Slave in a bondage sling chained to the ceiling
This slave was going nowhere!

To say that I was delighted with the work of Enfettered is an understatement. This company, based in middle England, pride themselves on the quality of their products.

I’ve always been impressed with their mission statement which I feel also applies to me as The Bondage Mistress. It states:

“Excellence is not an exception it is a prevailing attitude. Excellence is about being the best, striving to be better, with an eye to delivering quality goods and services”.

From me experience they certainly live up to those claims, and I was delighted with the bespoke equipment they made for me and for the quality of their aftersales service.  

Mistress Miranda smiling with the bondage sling in teh background

As you would expect from me, I originally travelled across Europe in search of equipment to grace my new BDSM Laboratory premises and have purchased the latest in state-of-the-art items from Germany and elsewhere for your torture, torment, restraint and pleasure.

The best recommendation I can give for Enfettered is that this latest news item fully matches the highest quality of that produced from some of the most famous European manufacturers.  

While I was visiting Enfettered premises for my sling, I took the opportunity to browse through their other ranges of hoods and head gear, insertables, cock ball and nipple clamps, impact toys, medical and milking products.

I can assure you that my future clients are going to enjoy – or perhaps I should say ‘endure’ – many of these items in and around their bodies in the weeks to come.

I can hardly wait to get started! 

Rubber clad Slave in bondage sling attached to a venus 2000
Mistress Miranda in a white rubber body suit and a nurses bib