So what to say, we are so excited here at Enfettered, not only our very own tame whip maker but we now have a leather worker too, not so sure he is tame but he does do quality work and insists on quality materials.

Look out soon for our very own range of Bed Straps, Body Straps, Torso Straps, Quick Cuffs, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Cuffs, Collars, Belts, Suspension Cuffs, Slips, Suspension Foot Cuffs…….

As well as all that, Suspension Harnesses (with a Twist), Sit Slings, Lay Down Slings, Sleep Sacks, Straight Jackets, Suspension Straight Jackets and much much more, not all of course as it has to be made, but some items will start to appear on the site as early as next week…

Keep an eye out too for our new Silicone range coming soon….

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