We are doing our very best here to get everything loaded, lots of new products arriving from suppliers every day and also lots of new stuff off the production line from our In House team….

Enfettered Long hardwood paddle

The latest from the In House guys is a wonderful range of spanking paddles, made from exotic hardwood we thought long and hard and coming up with the various shapes has been no problem at all, but what wood to use was something else, there are thousands of different hard woods out there, so we plumped for a Brown and a Red, lets be honest they are all various shades of Brown but we chose as a deep Brown, Walnut, and as a Red, Grenadillo, don’t know what that is well think Rosewood, the only reason we didn’t use actual Rosewood was because its a small tree so we couldn’t get the blanks in a big enough size..

Enfettered Spencer Spanking Paddle

These like everything on the site are pure quality and well thought out, long handles to suit both the Ladies and the Gents but also as a little extra leverage if needed, we think probably not but the option is there….

More stuff to load a the battle goes on so keep checking in, thanks for reading!

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