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Generation F – Pellucid Self Adjusting Bi Polar Rhythm Cylinders

Generation F Self Adjusting Nipple Cylinders are incredibly effective, the squeeze dancing to the Rhythm of the pulsation.  Adding a zing of Bi Polar Electro Stim, delivered through the areola brushed aluminium ring and the self adjusting plunger, that delivers direct stim to the nipple.

Generation F – Stim Domes

Generation F Stim Domes incredibly effective Bi Polar Electrodes. Made of Extrusion and Aluminium, they are light weight and aesthetically very pleasing not to mention feel very pleasing!

Generation F – Bi Polar Rhythm Nipple Bells

Generation F Bi Polar Nipple Bells – if you love some strong rhythm, these are going to be for you!

Generation F – Rhythm Bi Polar Stim Domes

Generation F Bi Polar Stim Domes with the exquiste Rhythm of the GenF running through them, gentler pull and tug around the whole nipple area.

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