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Why choose us?

  • Build Quality and Attention to Detail – we believe we excel at both – why? because we have been in the industry for many years and believe in not ‘stripping’ out quality for profit.
  • Innovative Design – again with experience in the industry we believe we have put some thought into our design, what works, what fits and what fits everyone!
  • Leather work to be proud of – upholstered by a craftsman in his field using his experience from one of the Prestige car manufacturers here locally, sourcing the finest in leather, hand stitched and finished with perfection.
  • Continuing on with leather work – we have here as part of the company, our very own tame WhipMaker, a rarity is whips in stock and we are very proud to offer you just that, well known and world renowned, we caught him at a time in his career where our offer, which we extend to you, suited him. A Master Craftsman. 
  • We are not looking to write a book here – our mission is to not stack it high and sell it cheap, there are many already doing that, we want to bring you quality, the best of the best, and throughout the range of products on this site we believe thats what we have achieved! 


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