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Generation F – The Churn Parlour Kit

Generation F Male and Female Milking Surge and Rhythm System. A system that works with a little Surge and a lot of Rhythm! Superb Functionality, System Configurations and Colour Options.

Generation F – Penis Tubes

Generation F Penis Encastment Tubes or PeTz as we like to call them! The end that delivers all the wonderful sensations, both Rhythm & Surge, a range of Electro PeTz.

Generation F – Nipple Kits

Generation F Nipple Stimulation, this section will evolve with us, but for now 3 powerful and electrifying options!

Generation F – Milk Parlour Stands

Generation F Parlour Stands at present 2  options to house your Churn, support your Pump Lines and position your Tube Capture Marks perfectly over your milking platform

Generation F – Accessories

Generation F Male Accessories. From comfort rings to vibrating rings, pump lines and pulsator tuners, cleaners and replacement liner kits.

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