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Enfettered Twin Rebreather Goldman Halothane Vaporiser Rig

Enfettered Twin Rebreather Goldman Halothane Vaporiser Rig


Enfettered Goldman Halothane Vaporiser Rigs – this inhaler system delivers controlled aroma through the Vaporiser and rebreather system.

Whilst all the rigs on this page are built in house so in theory can be made up straight away we do sell rather a lot of them so often can have a very short waiting list, you should look towards a lead time of 2 to 4 weeks




Enfettered TWIN REBREATHER Goldman Halothane Vaporiser Breathing Rigs – this inhaler system delivers controlled aroma through the  Vaporiser and rebreather system.

From one end you have a 61cm anti static corrugated tube with a one way valve, attached to a Goldman Halothane Vaporiser, these have a glass jar that unscrews. Completely controllable dial on the top, you will only need a couple of drops of aroma.

The Chromed Bag mount has an off position allowing you to control whether the rebreather bag inflates, thus controlling the rebreather element of the kit. This Rig has two rebreathers, both controllable, and controllable independently. Aesthetically very pleasing, auditory heaven!

From the bag mounts, a 1L  rebreather bag and breath reduction valve.

A hose connector attaches a 110cm corrugated hose, which leads to a breathing expiratory valve, angle mount and black beauty anaesthesia mask.

Deep breath in, place the mask over nose and mouth, filling the rebreather bag, open up the expiratory valve, enjoy the movement of the lungs in time with your breathing!

Comes either on a stand or wall mounting bracket.

After each use – the system vaporiser must be emptied completely unscrew the jar and wash out. Failure to do so will mean the vapour from your choose aroma will crystallise in the mechanism and seize the system.

This equipment is a fetish toy! This product is not intended for any use as rescue, health protection or medication etc.  Never play alone with any toys or systems which can limit breath or may have impact on consciousness. We do not cover any responsibility for any health related problems by using our products, so play safely!!

Please Note: These are not returnable due to hygiene reason

Whilst all the rigs on this page are built in house so in theory can be made up straight away we do sell rather a lot of them so often can have a very short waiting list, you should look towards a lead time of 2 to 4 weeks


Chromed connectors

Goldman Halothane Vaporiser

System options


Your item is both personalised and bespoke – most require a waiting time of up to 2-4 weeks

In general:

For hygienic reasons, we can not accept returns for insertable items, like plugs. Nor can we accept returns for chastity devices or milking tubes.

For other returns or defects, please contact for information, before sending anything back! We will provide you with return instructions, please visit our INFO page.

You can cancel any order within 14 days after purchasing. If you order did not ship yet, you will receive a full refund within 14 days.

In case your order was already shipped, please contact for return instructions. You will receive a full refund within 14 days after the items have been received by us.

Even though all of our items are made to meet very high quality and safety standards, the use of any purchased items is at your own risk. can not be held responsible for the improper or careless use of these items, or use of these items against a person’s will. We do not accept any liability for damages, injuries or death resulting from the use of any of our items. Please play safe, sane, and consensual! Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

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Production Times vary and can be found for each specific item in the product SPECS above.

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All of our displayed prices include VAT. Of this a breakdown will appear on your order summary when you checkout. 

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Shipping of Larger items

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