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Generation F Bi Polar Electro Bobble Male Milking Tube

Generation F Bi Polar Electro Bobble Male Milking Tube






Petz – Penis Encasement Tubes

Generation F Bi Polar Electro Bobble Male Milking Tube


Generation F Bi Polar Electro Bobble Male Milking Tube

40mm Diameter Electro Milking Tube. Cast and Annealed Acrylic tube with 2 separate electrodes powered by 4mm connectors. Seperated with extruded “bobble” spacers that come in two different sizes, making it easy to extend or reduce your tube. The exhaust system is high grade stainless steel tube and comes with a tempered reduction extruded spigot.

Why Choose this one ….This tube incorporates Surge, Rhythm and Stim Electrics. The choice of Bobble size means delivery of stim in 2 different lengths, accommodating length of penis or if you prefer your Stim alittle higher or lower.  Length adjustment is achievable with this Petz. 

Please Note: Tubes are NOT returnable due to the personal nature of them and therefore hygiene reasons

  • Cast and Annealed Acrylic Tube
  • Chromed Connectors
  • 4mm electro connectors
  • Choice of Tops





40mm Diameter Electro Tube

Your item is both personalised and bespoke – most require a waiting time of 1-2 weeks,
In general:

For hygienic reasons, we can not accept returns for insertable items, like plugs. Nor can we accept returns for chastity devices or milking tubes.

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