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How it all began…

So with near three decades in the fetish lifestyle and industry we have seen much come and much go, some that went were good to see the back of others we sorely miss, until left with the limited options of today, we are of course talking fetish furniture, dungeon furniture call it what you will.

What is left today? you will rightly ask, well the sorry answer is a long one, left over is a range that at one time was the Rolls Royce of the industry, not just here in the UK but world wide, the pride of the owner, now unfortunately due to retirement sold and whilst at a glance it appears the same, closer inspection soon tells you that the quality of yesteryear has been swept away in favour of cheap materials to generate increased profit, a genuine shame. Worry not a whole new range from across the channel in Europe, at first glance it all seems amazing, gadget city, knobs, bells and whistles, every tiny detail thought about and put in place and what a price, but alas on closer inspection everything is a base price and everything an add on at a cost till you have what’s pictured but at treble near quadruple the price shown, maybe you’re prepared to pay that for this exceptional bit of kit, we were! but we ended up sorely disappointed! it looks great in the picture and in situ, in principle it should be great, in reality a very different story, unstable and impractical, move this bit to get to that bit, this fits a big fella but not a small fella a range much better suited to private play where all adjustments remain the same but for professional play a real no go. 

And so was born Enfettered Dungeon Furniture, whilst not looking to steal from anyone we did want to feature some of the better attributes of what is currently available along with our many years of experience and the ideas we have formed along the way. 

Quality, an absolute must, there are a few companies who stack it high and sell it cheap, there will always be a place in the market for that, we started that way ourselves, not in manufacture but in the professional industry, cheap was all we could afford when starting out, probably that and then replacing it all with quality gave us a deep appreciation of said quality it’s nicer to be around, the investment brings return in that the clients like it and so come back, everything about it is positive it inspires creativity in session, so with that in mind you’ll see ours oozes quality, never mind using 40mm box section when 100mm is on hand, chunky, funky, functional, sturdy, near indestructible having had several engineers look at it, all said the same **way way way over engineered** absolutely it is, the house will fall down around it that’s for sure, we manufacture on site and the engineer is 40 plus years in the business, over engineered is not an insult to us it’s an aspiration, being based near Junction 15 in Milton Keynes we are but 20 minutes drive from Northampton, in it’s day the leather centre for Europe, we use only the very best leather available, our wholesaler knows our standard and puts aside for us, this then taken to our upholsterer, being 10 minutes from NewportPagnell I’m sure you can hazard a guess at which Great British car manufacturer he learnt his trade, a real master craftsman and this with the quality of leather is plain to see in the finished product. All this we feel is worth the effort and worth saving from days gone by an integral part of our ethos and our furniture range.

So on to multi function, in theory a great idea and one we happily utilise, very little of our range in single function however we have injected a huge syringe of practicality into proceedings, we use a much larger profile in our steel work, this alone removes much if not all the instability but we have also thought it out a little better and not opted for ten functions when two or three are practical without being incumbent, for those with a large chamber a veritable aladin’s cave with parts all interchangeable and those working from a small room much more function than single function items and so more stations and in turn better bang for your buck.

What we have done thus far we are very proud of and very happy we have managed to gift you a better quality for what is often a lower price than  is currently available, this though is very much a work in progress, we consider at this time the range is limited but have absolutely no intention of leaving it there, we have in mind many more designs, most practical and functional with the high standard of quality we hope to become known for and others as we near the end of the range just absolutely  **out there** over the next year keep in touch with the blog the plan is to average a new piece every 6 to 8 weeks till the range be full grown.

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