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Enfettered – Exquisite BDSM Equipment

Enfettered is an on-line supplier of BDSM play room furniture and equipment plus a huge selection of some of the finest fetish toys you can find. What they themselves call the ‘best of the best’. It’s an endeavour set up by genuine scene players who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of kinky play. We just can’t recommend them enough!

Their range of toys and equipment for the serious player is extensive. It will take you quite some time to browse though the website. Enfettered has sourced some of the best kit from around the world and within the UK. Electrical devices, hoods, bondage kit, impact implements, milking & fucking machines, CBT & NT toys & breath play – to name just some of the categories of gear they offer.

Bespoke BDSM Furniture
However what Enfettered really excels in is exceptional elaborate bespoke BDSM furniture. Currently they offer a range of classic Dungeon furniture: their Pro-Line & the ET ‘Exquisite Torment’ modular Line. Both ideal for hardcore players and studios. Alternatively you can discuss all your needs with them, working with their expertises to have their furniture adapted or made to your specific requirements.

You can visit them at their showroom to look at their wares and talk through in person all your requirements. Enfettered is situated just 15 minutes from both Jct 14 &15 (Newport Pagnell) off the M1; 10 minutes from the A5; that’s about an hour from Birmingham & London, UK.

Breath Play Equipment & Rigs
Alongside their bespoke dungeon furniture they are also making quite a name for themselves in producing some amazing and super popular breath play toys & equipment. Here Sara explains some of the basics of an Enfettered Breath Play Rig.

Handcrafted Single-Tail Whips
And of course one half of the partnership that runs Enfettered is a renowned whip maker in their own right. He’s been splicing for over 30 years and building whips for 20, making him one of the forerunners & pioneers of BDSM whip making in the UK.  So we can safely say their handmade whips and impact toys are of the highest quality and workmanship.

Only recently I purchased for The English Mansion, a gorgeous leather sit sling, which I required a few extra bespoke rings plus a padded support area. Great 1 on 1 service, produced to my specification, from high quality materials and ultimately beautifully made.

Visit their website here:

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